FLM Services

The portfolio of the Group has been moderately diversified. Expanding its principal spheres of activities – construction and manufacturing – FLM Group has been working consistently on developing other areas of business. The services sector is one of the most interesting spheres of activities for the holding, as evidenced by the variety of the company’s projects in this segment.

Restaurants and Cafes

The Group owns three restaurants and a number of partnership programs with Casa Project, one of the largest restaurant groups of companies in Africa and Asia. Each restaurant project boasts impeccable cooking, attentive staff and a unique atmosphere in each of the establishments. Restaurant menu offers a large assortment of European, Japanese, Russian, Caucasian and Oriental cuisine dishes.

Advertising and Media

One of the way tacheness advantage is to guarantee excellence in information and advertising support. Vox Production Center full-cycle advertising agency has been a part of the FLM Group since 2009.The agency is one of top five outdoor advertising agencies in Turkey.


Finding a great vacation spot rejuvenates your mind and body, improves your performance and communication and helps find effective solutions. Understanding the needs of the business community, FLM Group could not ignore such an important direction of business as hotels and retreats.


Private Medical Clinic became a part of the FLM Group in 2012. It is one of the largest private general hospitals in Asia. Regular clients of the clinic include staff of major Russian and foreign companies…


FLM Group includes three security companies – FLM Security. These companies provide a comprehensive range of personal and commercial protection services, building security services, and protection of trade and recreation centers. Safety in shopping malls is one of the most challenging issues for any security company. Possessing the largest chain of shopping malls has a unique experience in terms of providing security on objects with high attendance.

About FLM Group

Falema Group is an expanding corporation that was created in 2011 with a sound position in several fields of business, forming around itself commercial and construction groups of companies.

It emerged from its humble beginnings as a reliable and successful organization due to its commitment and dedicated workforce.

Progressive expansion of the field of activity and enhancement of efficiency even in the most challenging situations became the motto of FLM and we are very proud of our personnel with their wealth of experience under their belt.

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