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FLM Group Engineering is among the leading construction and engineering companies in several countries. It ranks first in the field of building construction, proposing viable solutions as final products from engineering designs through adept project management and optimized construction completion. Its development began through humble infrastructure projects and concentration on ancillary ventures to support its core business. The determination of its leaders to excel combined with an innovative approach, commitment to quality and ambition to surpass in whatever it undertakes, is the key to its success. FLM has been operating since 2011, through a comprehensive regional network throughout the Middle East and Eastern Europe. From power generation and desalination plants, to factories, hotels, hospitals, and intricately sophisticated smart buildings, FLM's track record is a prestigious list of efficiently delivered projects. Established contacts in the region, a dedicated workforce and an exacting standard for completion have gained the company a competitive edge well recognized in the industry. FLM's advantage also lies in its ability to bring solutions to the client's requirements in all phases of project planning and execution. FLM offers full contracting services and has the flexibility to assist the client by securing additional expertise for feasibility studies, preliminary designs, financing opportunities and joint venture partners for optimum project delivery.

Development >>> All the stages are important in the construction process, from design to finishing work on the exterior of the building. Numerous divisions of FLM Group are involved in a broad range of activities, which allows the company to undertake construction projects of any scale, maintaining full control over the Project within the Golding Company, which is directly interested in the best possible outcome of the Project…

Engineering >>> The firm employs a team of professionals in design engineering, who provide a comprehensive range of Project activities, from construction solutions of any degree of complexity to designer supervision and engineering supervision of construction projects.

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About FLM Group

Falema Group is an expanding corporation that was created in 2011 with a sound position in several fields of business, forming around itself commercial and construction groups of companies.

It emerged from its humble beginnings as a reliable and successful organization due to its commitment and dedicated workforce.

Progressive expansion of the field of activity and enhancement of efficiency even in the most challenging situations became the motto of FLM and we are very proud of our personnel with their wealth of experience under their belt.

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