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FLM Group Engineering & Construction

FLM Group Engineering is among the leading construction and engineering companies in several countries. It ranks first in the field of building construction, proposing viable solutions as final products from engineering designs through adept project management and optimized construction completion. Its development began through humble infrastructure projects and concentration on ancillary ventures to support its core business. The determination of its leaders to excel combined with an innovative approach, commitment to quality and ambition to surpass in whatever it undertakes, is the key to its success. FLM has been operating since 2011, through a comprehensive regional network throughout the Middle East and Eastern Europe. From power generation and desalination plants, to factories, hotels, hospitals, and intricately sophisticated smart buildings, FLM's track record is a prestigious list of efficiently delivered projects. Established contacts in the region, a dedicated workforce and an exacting standard for completion have gained the company a competitive edge well recognized in the industry. FLM's advantage also lies in its ability to bring solutions to the client's requirements in all phases of project planning and execution. FLM offers full contracting services and has the flexibility to assist the client by securing additional expertise for feasibility studies, preliminary designs, financing opportunities and joint venture partners for optimum project delivery.

Development >>> All the stages are important in the construction process, from design to finishing work on the exterior of the building. Numerous divisions of FLM Group are involved in a broad range of activities, which allows the company to undertake construction projects of any scale, maintaining full control over the Project within the Golding Company, which is directly interested in the best possible outcome of the Project…

Engineering >>> The firm employs a team of professionals in design engineering, who provide a comprehensive range of Project activities, from construction solutions of any degree of complexity to designer supervision and engineering supervision of construction projects.

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FLM Agro-Greenhouse

Corporation "FLM GROUP ENERGY AND GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS" was founded in 2009. One of the main activities of our group is the manufacturing and construction of farming greenhouses and greenhouse complexes. Our model designs are based on certified, prefabricated materials of the highest quality. All of our designs share common technical characteristics: the Gothic design of the arches allows for maximum light absorption, as well as preventing the accumulation of the snow on the roof surface, without the risk of damaging the infrastructure. Elements of the greenhouse frame are produced from galvanized steel with a choice of sheeting such as polyethylene film, semi rigid material such as polycarbonate or PVC. Our company offers a variety of multilayered structures and tunnel greenhouses, depending on the use and location of the complex, as well as a wide range of ventilation and heating systems. "FLM GROUP ENERGY AND GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS" boasts a well experienced workforce, who will design, procure and install the commissioned projects, as well as offering warranty and service. We offer significantly lower prices than our western counterparts due to self-production, without compromising on quality and international standards.

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FLM International Trading

FLM International Trading Company offers import and export services and specializes at various agricultural products such as sunflower seeds, millet and sunflower oil, as well as pickled olives and vegetables. We also offer the supply of pure, unrefined, organic and cold pressed Argan oil from Morocco. We have our own processing factory and a warehouse, hence having the opportunity to collect farm products from farmers directly and process them in our own factory. Therefore, higher quality, competitive price and timely shipment can be obtained easily. With our company’s stable and gradual development, we have established very good business relations with many clients from several countries. All our produce meets International and European standards and is of the highest quality. Our company will offer you competitive prices and professional services. We sincerely hope to promote and develop the business with our friends on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.



FLM Agriculture

Company FLM-Agro has been working on the agrarian market for more than 6 years and is a successful manufacturer and supplier of agricultural products. Our main agrarian bases are in Russian Federation and former Soviet Union. We are an integrated, agro industrial company with a focus on manufacture and wholesale of grain, wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet, sunflower and vegetable oils; and are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for storage and shipment of grain and oil. Our produce meets the requirements of the most exacting clients as well as the requirements of GOST – Russian State Standard Specification and continues to expand constantly. FLM-Agro is rapidly enhancing its skills and adopts innovative policies in work with the customers. The individual approach to each buyer allows us to find the most effective schemes of work and to create the most profitable terms of cooperation for the customers. The company offers only certified products, adheres to high standards of work and constantly improves quality of service for our customers.

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Real Estate


FLM Real Estate

Almost three decades of business in the real estate service gave FLM Real Estate a prominent position in the real estate market. FLM Group’s success in this area of business is attributed to several elements, but the most important are: honesty and integrity, combined with understanding client’s needs, which are the essence of growth and prosperity. As clients are always looking for the best value that money can buy, FLM Real Estate meets all the quality expectations needed by the client. The Company has a reputation of a reliable partner and a leader on the market of trade real estate in Russia and Europe… FLM Real Estate Management Company occupies a leading position on the market of construction, lease and sales of commercial real estate in Russia. The Company is working on expansion of its chain of business centers and multifunctional facilities. Today the company manages four business centers, and several more are being built.

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FLM Services

The portfolio of the Group has been moderately diversified. Expanding its principal spheres of activities – construction and manufacturing – FLM Group has been working consistently on developing other areas of business. The services sector is one of the most interesting spheres of activities for the holding, as evidenced by the variety of the company’s projects in this segment.

Restaurants and Cafes

The Group owns three restaurants and a number of partnership programs with Casa Project, one of the largest restaurant groups of companies in Africa and Asia. Each restaurant project boasts impeccable cooking, attentive staff and a unique atmosphere in each of the establishments. Restaurant menu offers a large assortment of European, Japanese, Russian, Caucasian and Oriental cuisine dishes.

Advertising and Media

One of the way tacheness advantage is to guarantee excellence in information and advertising support. Vox Production Center full-cycle advertising agency has been a part of the FLM Group since 2009.The agency is one of top five outdoor advertising agencies in Turkey.


Finding a great vacation spot rejuvenates your mind and body, improves your performance and communication and helps find effective solutions. Understanding the needs of the business community, FLM Group could not ignore such an important direction of business as hotels and retreats.


Private Medical Clinic became a part of the FLM Group in 2012. It is one of the largest private general hospitals in Asia. Regular clients of the clinic include staff of major Russian and foreign companies…


FLM Group includes three security companies – FLM Security. These companies provide a comprehensive range of personal and commercial protection services, building security services, and protection of trade and recreation centers. Safety in shopping malls is one of the most challenging issues for any security company. Possessing the largest chain of shopping malls has a unique experience in terms of providing security on objects with high attendance.

International cargo


FLM International Cargo

«FLM Cargo» is one of the FLM Group companies that has been based on the international cargo market for several years and has established a reputation as a reliable partner. We offer a wide range of freight services including railway, air and sea freight, as well as special services for transportation for outsized and heavy cargo. Our specialists carefully develop a transportation route and follow its implementation at all stages. FLM Cargo uses new and advanced methods of shipping, that allow us to offer our customers high quality and speed of delivery.

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Tourism & Travel


Lamaro Tour Agency

FLM Group owns Lamaro Travel Agency – Lamaro Tour, which specializes in the tourist market of Europe, Turkey, North Africa and Asia. Lamaro Travel Agency – Lamaro Tour gives the client a wide specturm of tourist services including group and individual travel. Professionalism of our staff and work experince allows us to give you the best service and meet your expectations.

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FLM Agro-Greenhouse

Consulting company "FLM Consulting" is a highly reliable, professional company, representing a comprehensive audit and consulting services in the areas of:

Information services • Management consultancy • Consulting in the field of finance and investments • real estate consulting • Consulting • Consulting industry in the field of Economics and business • Strategic planning • Legal consulting services • Medical services • Registration of citizenship and residency • Transport and logistics services • Import/export services • Customs clearance • Support business trips in Turkey • Tourist services

Company "FLM Consulting" operates with the 2011 year, thanks to the high quality of service, timeliness of the provision of comprehensive services our company entered in the list of trusted, highly professional audit and consulting companies in Turkey.

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About FLM Group

Falema Group is an expanding corporation that was created in 2011 with a sound position in several fields of business, forming around itself commercial and construction groups of companies.

It emerged from its humble beginnings as a reliable and successful organization due to its commitment and dedicated workforce.

Progressive expansion of the field of activity and enhancement of efficiency even in the most challenging situations became the motto of FLM and we are very proud of our personnel with their wealth of experience under their belt.

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